Events Happy Hour Friday and Saturday 3-6 $1 off Abita beers and wines

Who's playing

April 20                               Charles Mascari                                                       2-5

                                            Instrumental Blues guitarist

April 27                               Rick Hart                                                                   1-5

                                            Blues Guitarist

May 4                                  Paul Mezzanote                                                       1-5

May 11                                Fly Catcher                                                               2-5

May 18                                Katy Stone                                                               1-5

May 24                                Those Meddling Kids                                             1-5

                                            Greatful Dead meets Pink Floyd meets George Jones

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Upcoming Events

March 5                               Fat Tuesday               We will be open until 9 PM

                                             Billy Gumbo on Accordion                                12-3

                                             Tropical Sons                                                       3:30-7