Weekly Specials


Big Daddy's Cajun Meatloaf

April 17-20 

a big ole' slab of meatloaf grilled or blackened atop a Po'boy or rice and served with a side for $7.99. ... ask for a little gumbo gravy on top!


Cajun Poutine

April 24-27

Tater Tots topped with Cheese Curds topped with a Cajun Gravy and served with a side $6.99.

This week we will have a vegetarian option!


Deviled Crab

May 1-4

a classic crab recipe that uses fresh crab, breadcrumbs, mustard and more baked in a shell (3) and served with a side $10.99

Tavern Chips

May 8-11

Tavern Chips:  Tortilla chips topped with a mix or crawfish meat and andouille sausage, a savory cheese sauce, and veggies. $8.99


Soft Shell Crab Po'boy

May 16-18

(closed Wednesday 5/15)

A hand breaded softshell crab lightly fried a top a Po'boy, rice, or on a basket. $10.99